Seminar OÜ , registry code 12463739 , Pargi street 35, 11613 , Talinn (the E-shop manager) and the client , who will finalize SEMINAR OÜ managed the E-shop HTTP :/ / WWW.VITAMININSPRAY.EU order and identify themselves by entering the order of your personal data ( hereinafter referred to as Customer) , have agreed to the following conditions.

1 General Provisions

1.1. The Parties shall be guided by the regulation of relations between the Republic of Estonia and the laws and other legal acts of the User Agreement agreed.

1.2. E-shop manager has the right at any time to make changes to the service offered by the online store.

1.3. E-shop manager has the right to unilaterally change the terms of a user agreement that he would be obliged to notify the Customer in writing via email.

2 The products and purchase

2.1. All the products displayed may not always be available in the warehouse .

2.2. If an item is out of stock and the order can not be fulfilled, then the online store employee will contact the Customer within 3 ( three ) working days. In this case suggests a possible new delivery or replacement of another product, which is the same price and quality. If the Customer does not agree to the new terms and conditions, then he can refuse an order, and the money already paid will be refunded.

2.3. Product images displayed are for illustrative purposes and may differ from the actual product.

2.4. E-shop product descriptions may not be exhaustive and may contain unintentional errors .

2.5. The Customer, who selects the desired products, undertakes to comply with an order to enter the required information (surname, first name, phone number, email address, delivery address, zip code, payment method ).

2.6. The Customer undertakes to provide true information , which is necessary to fulfill the order. The store manager is liable for incorrect data supplied by the Customer due to non-compliance with an order or for any resulting consequences.

3 Prices

3.1. E - shop for all the products base prices are calculated in Euro.

3.2. E-shop manager has the right at any time to change the prices displayed.

3.3. If E-shop manager has changed product prices after Customer have submitting the order and paid for, then the corresponding products are delivered to the Customer at the time of subscription prices. The Customer is not entitled to claim compensation for the difference in price.

4 Delivery and delivery conditions

4.1. E - shop orders submitted will be reviewed on the same day , and the purchaser will be contacted no later than the next working day.

4.2. Products are guaranteed delivery within 6 working days if the product has not been written differently. Generally, the product delivery time of less than 3 business days. In the event that we are unable to supply any product within 5 days , we will inform you immediately. If necessary, you will then have the option to cancel the order and we will return you the money.

4.3. Goods enter the order entered in accordance with the supply of goods to the address at the agreed time availability. The goods are transferred to the buyer. Goods can only be given to a third party agreement with the buyer.

4.4. The customer has the right to choose between the following methods of shipping.

I'll be the first to the store by themselves ( Pargi 35, Tallinn )

1.I will pickup from store ( Pargi 35, Tallinn )

2. Eesti Post by mail

3. DPD Parcelstore

4. DPD courier to your home or work

5. ELS courier

5 Withdrawal from the contract before the store manager of the part performance of the contract

5.1. If a Customer wishes after placing an order, and prior to the execution by the provider to terminate the contract , you undertake it as soon as possible in writing to the E-shop manager . Written notice must be sent via e-mail or call +37256896670 E - mail must contain your order number, which the customer wishes to withdraw and contact information ( first name, last name, order date, phone number ).

5.2. If the withdrawal reaches the Supplier after E-shop managed by the performance, there will be withdrawal from the contract in accordance with the operating agreement , chapter "Right of Return " .

5.3. E-shop manager will return money to the Customer the amount paid not later than 30 days from the receipt of the desire to withdraw from the contract .

5.4. The money will be transferred into the same account, which was held in the collection of E-shop manager.

6 Returns

6.1. E -shop for goods purchased within 14 day return policy.

6.2. Returns are not entitled to the goods which are modified according to the client 's wishes ( insert, letter)

6.3. The returned product must be undamaged, complete , original packaging and kasutusjälgeteta .

6.4. Upon returning to the Customer shall return the money within 30 days of returning the product .

6.5. The money will be transferred into the same account, which was held in the collection E-shop manager .

6.6. Refund of transport costs in the amount of more than EUR 10 covers SEMINAR OÜ.

6.7. When after the return, it appears that the return does not comply with the terms of the User Agreement, you will not be refunded.

7 Use of Personal Information

7.1. The user provides a clear and informed consent to the E-shop manager of own personal data processing.

7.2. Order entered by a Client, the provider of the person receiving the information is entered in a register and customer service, and sales of used goods to the customer .

7.3. Sources of personal data is the emergence of the e-shop customer relationship registration process.

7.4. Registerable personal data comprise data customer order (surname , first name , street , house , apartment number, city , or town, zip code, telephone number, date of birth, gender, Delivery form , used in the method of payment, e - store, the User Agreement Acceptance of marketing offers via e-mail , notes entered ) .

7.5. The personal data that is necessary to mediate the goods to the Customer , may be transmitted osutavaile courier company.

7.6. E- Shop manager undertakes not to transmit personal data to third parties.

7.7. The E-shop manager reserves the right to forward user data regarding where they are transmitted to the person who processes the data and has a statutory obligation to comply with the statutory law, or if it will be the Customers protection of the life or health of freedom.

7.8. The customer has the right to check the personal data concerning him or her , as well as modify or remove data from the register.

7.9. User gives for E-shop manager consent to placing an order entered at the order confirmation e-mail .

7.10. The user gives consent to receive promotional offers shop manager of placing an order entered e-mail address if it is pointed out according to the consent order page, click the appropriate window .

8 Use

8.1. Inspection of the User Agreement terms and conditions are mandatory for the Customer .

8.2. Placing an order by clicking the corresponding window "I am willing to use the store and fill them in terms of the unconditional " , the Customer agrees that he is familiar with the terms of the User Agreement , understood and agree to the terms of the contract .

9 Complaints handling procedures.

9.1. Defective goods, the consumer has the right to submit a complaint to the seller within two years from the date of delivery of the goods . The appeal must be filed immediately, but not later than two months from the moment of discovery of the defect . To make it easier to solve later problems , consumers should be sure to maintain documentation ( invoice, contract , etc. ) , proving that the goods have been purchased SEMINAR OÜ e - shop. Without a document certifying the sale , the seller may leave the problem unsolved .

9.2. Claims can manufacturing and material defects .

9.3. Submission of the claim period starts from the date of purchase .

9.4. Examining performs SEMINAR OÜ or the manufacturer of the product and the company's present existence of the defect to identify the cause .

9.5. Independent review - the client request an independent expert to carry out additional fee if the customer does not SEMINAR OÜ carried out by forensic satisfied with the results .

9.6. The claim is not subject to adjudication where the SEMINAR OÜ proves that the product contains imperfections caused through the fault of the consumer .

9.7. If the claim underlying the production of the finished product takes SEMINAR OÜ reserves the right to substitute the product with the consent of the client equivalent.